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You probably got here from the link in our book, Master Your Data with Excel and Power BI. Click the button below to download all the example files that were used in the book.
More information on connecting to the sample Azure database referred to in Chapter 12 – Relational Data Sources, as well as troubleshooting techniques, are detailed further down this page.

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Connecting to our Azure Database


Database Credentials

In order to connect to the database used in Master Your Data for Excel and Power BI, please use the following connection information:

  • Create a new query –> From Azure –> From Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Connect to the following database:
    • Server:
    • Database: AdventureWorks

When prompted for security information, make sure you select/enter:

  1. Database (not Windows or Microsoft Account)
  2. Username: DataMaster
  3. Password: D4t4M@ster!


And at that point you should be good to go!

Still Can’t Connect?

Our server is running 24/7/365, so the most likely issue is that you are behind a firewall that is blocking your access. Try connecting from another location or via a VPN to see if this is the case.

Master Your Data Errata

We do actively track issues within Master Your Data for Excel and Power BI. A listing of all errata items (by chapter) can be found below.

Page 72

  • In the text we indicate that you can change the path to an imported file via the Home -> Transform Data -> Data Source Settings dialog.  Unfortunately there appears to be a bug in Power BI Desktop that is causing the Change Source button to be greyed out (and unclickable).  Until this bug is fixed, the only way to update a connection is to edit the Source step via the Formula bar or edit the M code directly.

Page 85

  • 2nd to last bullet should read as follows:
    • Select the Tran Date column -> Home tab -> Remove Rows -> Remove Errors
  • Fixed in Digital Edition: TBA
  • Fixed in Print Edition: TBA

Page 147

  • The final warning should read:
    • What happens if you fail to anticipate an issue and get a step level error in one of the files when you run the Combine? You will need to debug it, of course! Go back to the FilesList query and insert temporary steps to keep the top x rows or remove top x rows until you discover which file query causes the error. Once you have it as the first file query in the FilesList query, you can then debug it in the Transform Sample File query to see what went wrong.
  • Fixed in Digital Edition: TBA
  • Fixed in Print Edition: TBA

Page 233

  • Final bullet should read as follows:
    • “Pressing escape will dismiss the Intellisense, while typing a space, tab, or enter will accept the Intellisense suggestion”
  • Fixed in Digital Edition: TBA
  • Fixed in Print Edition: TBA

Page 238

  • Final bullet should read as follows:
    • Name the column “Pays Options Dues” and use the following formula:
  • Fixed in Digital Edition: 2021-11-30
  • Fixed in Print Edition: 2nd Printing

Page 348 

  • The Parts bullet should read:
    • Parts – dynamically references the correct list of binary files (based on the value of the Use Buffering parameter) extracting on the Forecast Parts data from each file.
  • Fixed in Digital Edition: 2021-11-30
  • Fixed in Print Edition: 2nd Printing

Submitting Issues for Errata Inclusion

If you notice a possible error in the book, please submit the issue via our online form.

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