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Ken Muse

[In the Dimensional Modeling course] you distilled multiple complex topics into a format that is very approachable for someone that is trying to master the topic… I’ve already recommended a few of these courses to some firms that I believe will benefit from them.

Haydee Mera Escalante

I really enjoyed learning techniques and tricks to solve problems that are frequently found when cleaning data to generate reports… The inclusion of subtitles in the [Power Query Academy] videos helps me to better understand the content, since English is not my native language.

Eric Hartwig

All the courses on the Skillwave website I have taken have been awesome and I have gained so much knowledge, best practices, improved processes and opened my eyes to all the amazing things that can be done with Excel, Power Query, Dax, Power BI and so much more.

Melinda Calabrese

I loved the patient and thorough way things were explained and shown by example [in the Dimensional Modeling course], and the quick responses to questions asked. Thank you for creating courses to share your knowledge with others. Keep up the great work.

Steffen Fischer

Thank you for these great Power Query lessons! The practical use-cases of your videos is exactly what I needed and what convinced me being part of Power Query Academy!

Samantha Pikus

Of all the Online courses I’ve done, this [Supercharge Power BI Online] is by far THE best!! Matt is engaging to watch and knows how to teach complicated concepts in a way that makes complete sense.

Harlan Friedman

[The Power Query Academy trainers] are each doing a great job. The lessons are so compelling that I think about them while I’m walking my dog!

Cristian Angyal

The Self Service BI Boot Camp is fantastic! It’s like the “swiss army knife” course for any Self Service BI professional… I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning or recapping on previous things they’ve learned.

Roy Dias

Supercharge Power BI Online really gave me a good start to work with Power BI… [The Q&A sessions] helped me to refresh my learnings, and allowed me to discuss my day to day Power BI issues and find some practical solutions.

Prashant Panchal

Prashant Panchal

Absolutely amazing course on Power Query… I would highly recommend this course [to anyone] who wants to master data cleaning and transformation and completely automate business intelligence.

Rodger M.

Rodger Moran

I am a Microsoft Certified Excel Expert, and this Power Query stuff is really a game changer. LOVE THE RECIPE CARDS!!

Peter Scobbie

Peter Scobbie

Really liked the modular approach, breaking down the subject matter into usable ‘topic chunks’ which makes it more like a set of building blocks for creating better, more predictable results.

Wanda Moyer

Wanda Moyer

I don’t think I can express enough how good I feel your Academy and services are. Love that you have the online course, support at your finger-tips and then can have a subscription for years to come at a reasonable rate.