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VBA Launch Pad

Author: Ken Puls

This is the video portion of the “VBA Fundamentals: Zero to Hero” seminar with Ken Puls. Under the hood of Excel lurks Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), an incredibly powerful magic that many would only dream of harnessing. This VBA course takes someone from no coding experience to understanding VBA fundamentals.

13 hours 30 minutes
  • Excel
  • VBA

What you'll learn?

  • Defining macros
  • Macro security settings
  • Understanding VBA structure
  • Optimizing the Visual Basic editing environment
  • Writing, editing and recording macros
  • Reading and editing recorded code
  • Debugging macros
  • Key coding constructs (with blocks, loops, and variables)
  • Conditional logic (if tests and cases)
  • Error handling
  • Code encapsulation
  • Creating user defined functions
Course Icon - VBA Launch Pad

VBA Launch Pad

$270Renews at $69 per year
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  • 13 hours 30 minutes of training content
  • 11 modules
  • Downloadable files and Handouts
  • Certificate of Completion

VBA Launch Pad


Course Description

Under the hood of Excel, beyond the standard formulas and user interface tools that you see on a daily basis, lurks Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), an incredibly powerful magic that many would only dream of harnessing. It is the magic of automation and can save you from ever suffering a repetitive task again. Those who have heard of VBA, yet not stepped onto the path of greater learning, often assume that it is too difficult to learn. Once they finally dedicate themselves to taking that journey, they are amazed to learn that this is not the case.

This VBA course takes someone from no coding experience to understanding VBA fundamentals. The course will teach the concepts the way an accountant understands them, hitting on the hurdles and pitfalls that creep up along the way, and with examples that are accounting focused. The focus of the seminar is on program writing, not on the use of the application.

Who this course is for?

  • Accountants and data professionals who work with data on a daily basis and are responsible for preparing reports. This course has been designed for intermediate to advanced Excel users who have no previous programming experience.
  • Registrants should be an intermediate to advanced Excel user, who has experience writing a variety of formulas and using many of Excel’s built-in features. This is not an introductory level Excel course.

Course Formats

This is an on-demand course, delivered via pre-recorded video modules that you can consume at your own pace. It includes all required sample files, practice sets, and handouts.

Course Content

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About the author

Ken Puls

Ken Puls

Microsoft MVP, FCPA, FCMA
Ken Puls is one of the founding partners of Skillwave.Training, and the President and Chief Training Officer of Excelguru Consulting Inc. in Canada. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant, blogger, author, and trainer with over 20 years of business and IT experience. His passion lies in exploring tools to turn data into information, and teaching others how to use them. Ken is a Microsoft MVP and a leading expert in Excel, Power Query, and Power BI.


How do I access the course materials? Are they downloadable?

The videos are streamed on-demand and may be watched as often as you like. However, they are not downloadable. The example files and handouts for each lesson are downloadable.

Where are the course videos hosted?

All the videos for the course are hosted on Vimeo. Please note that some networks block access to Vimeo, in which case the videos will not be watchable. You may want to double-check that your network allows access to Vimeo before registering in the Academy, to ensure that you will be able to see the videos.

How do I receive my Certificate of Completion?

After all the modules and lessons have been completed, you will be able to download the Certificate of Completion from the My Courses area of your Account Dashboard.

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