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For M is for Data Monkey (1st Edition)

You probably got here from the link in our book, M is for (Data) Monkey. Click the button below to download all the example files that were used in the book. 

Please note that the Azure database referenced in Chapter 8 (page 65) is no longer online.  For more information related to this, please see the addendum below.

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Addendum on Connecting to our Azure Database

With Miguel joining Microsoft mid-2021, he has had to shut down his company Powered Solutions, which hosted the Azure database that was used to illustrate the examples in Chapter 8 (pages 65-78.) As the timing of his move also coincided with the release of Master Your Data for Excel and Power BI (the second edition of this book), we have elected not to host this legacy database on Azure. To this end, the database referenced on page 65 of M is for Data Monkey was shut down on August 16, 2021.

Accessing the AdventureWorks Database Today

Should you still wish to work through the examples for the first half of Chapter 8, you may download a backup of the database here. This file contains:

  • AdventureWorks.accdb (Microsoft Access format)
  • AdventureWorks.bacpac (SQL Backup)

NOTE: The bacpac file can be restored into a SQL Server, but we do not provide support to help with this process.

Either version of the database above should allow you to complete the examples within pages 65-70, although the values provided by the Access version do differ slightly from the illustration in the book, as shown here:

What About Credentials for the SSAS Example?

We apologize for not making this clearer in the text on page 71, but due to the cost of running an SSAS server, we were unable to provide a live connection for you to test this example.

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